Wages can be submitted via TNPAWS using one of two formats.
  • 58 Character Text Format
  • Abbreviated ICESA Format
58 Character Text Format
  • PC Format
  • Save as Plain Text File
  • No Heading or Totals
  • No Delimiters
Field Description
Social Security Number 9 Text Characters
  No Dashes/Hyphens
  (SS#012-34-5678 Example : 012345678)
Employee Name 27 Text Characters/Spaces
  Last, First, Middle Initial
  (John A. Doe Example: Doe John A)
Total Wages 11 Text Characters
  No Decimals or Commas
  No Zero Wages or Negative Wages
  ($100.00 Example : 10000)
Quarter Year 3 Text Characters
  1 Digit for Qtr, 2 Digits for Year
  (1st Quarter of 2009 Example : 109)
Account Number 8 Text Characters
  No Dash/Hyphen
Abbreviated ICESA Format
  • Data must be sent in ASCII Format
  • All Records must have carriage return/linefeed
Location Field Name Length Type Description
1-1 Record Identifier 1 A/N Constant 'E'- denotes E record
2-5 Payment Year 4 A/N 4 digit year of the report being Prepared
6-14 Federal EIN 9 A/N Numeric characters only - Omit Hyphens or other editing
15-160 Filler 146 A/N Enter Spaces
161-162 Blocking Factor 2 A/N Must be'25'
163-170 Filler 8 A/N Enter Spaces
171-172 State Identified Code 2 A/N Must be '47' for Tennessee Employers
173-180 Tennessee Unemployment Insurance Employer Account Number 8 A/N 8-digit number employer account number found on the quarterly premium report - Omit any hyphens or other editing
181-187 Filler 7 A/N Enter Spaces
188-189 Reporting Period 2 A/N Enter the last month of the calender to which the report applies : '03'= First Quarter, '06'=Second Quarter, '09'=Third Quarter, '12'=Fourth Quarter
190 Filler 1 N Enter Zero
191-275 Filler 85 A/N Enter Spaces
Location Field Name Length Type Description
1-1 Record Identifier 1 A/N Constant 'S'- denotes S record
2-10 Social Security Number 9 A/N Employee's Social Security Number - If not known enter '1' in position 2 and blanks in positions 3-10
11-30 Employee's Last Name 20 A/N Employee's Last Name
31-42 Employee's First Name 12 A/N Employee's First Name
43-43 Employee's Middle Initial 1 A/N Employee's Middle Initial
44-45 State Code 2 A/N Must be '47' for Tennessee Employees
46-49 Filler 6 4 A/N Enter Blanks
50-63 Filler 7 14 A/N Enter Zeros
64-77 Employee's Quarterly Unemployment Insurance Total Wages 14 A/N Enter Quarterly wages subject to unemployment taxes - including tips, 401K, Cafeteria Plans, etc
78-275 Filler 8 2 A/N Enter Spaces
Location Field Name Length Type Description
1-1 Record Identifier 1 A/N Constant 'F'- denotes F record
2-275 Filler 9 274 A/N Enter Spaces
Once the Wage File has been created and saved on your PC as a text file (FileName.txt), it can be uploaded into the TNPAWS Wage System.
To upload the file on your PC click the Browse button and navigate to the file to be uploaded. Select the file and click the open button.
After the file format (.txt) has been verified, the system will begin to verify the submitted data. If the file format is incorrect, you will recieve an error message 'Your file was not uploaded because it does not have a .txt extension'. Once the file is saved in the correct format (.txt), you can upload the file again.
The system will validate the individual data fields. If data errors are found, a list of the errors with the line number will be displayed on the screen.
Clear Button: Clicking the Clear button will reset the screen back to its original state.